Kava for Anxiety

Kava for anxiety is something that many people are just learning about in places around the globe. If you suffer from depression or anxiety or know someone who does, then you are going to want to learn all the information you can about kava for anxiety. This plant which is part of the pepper family is used to produce a narcotic sedative drink. In Polynesia the crushed roots of this plant is used to create the beverage. Kava is a root that comes from this Polynesian shrub in the pepper family. Not only is it known to be an anxiety reducer it’s also known to be a hypnotic and possess other undocumented health benefits.

The Many Forms of Kava

Kava is commonly available in liquid form, capsules, powders and tea. Many health professionals agree that a safe dosage of kava shouldn’t go over 250 milligrams daily. Kava tea is an extremely popular method of consumption of this root. You can find it in virtually every health food store across the United States. The tea is sometimes blended with other herbs in what is referred to as a relaxation blend. It is said that three cups of kava tea daily is a safe amount to consume on a regular basis.

Liquid Tincture

The most common form of consumption which is a Kava liquid tincture is a smoky potent and almost alcoholic like form of this root. Distilled from kava root much like moonshine it is sold in small bottles ranging from 2 to 6 ounces on average. The strong potent taste of Kava is offensive to some people so they simply add it to juice to cover up the flavor while other people consume kava extract straight from the bottle. When it comes to a safe dosage level for Kava tincture, there is not one set fourth yet by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Kava Root Powder and Capsules

Kava powder can also be purchased through health food stores and online. The powder can be used to make drinks and in other forms of dietary consumption. Besides being able to be utilized in culinary applications the powder can also be turned into capsules. The powder in capsules offer an alternative to those who do not like the potent alcohol like taste and smoky smell associated with the kava root extract tincture. Kava root capsules can be purchased that are already prepared. Some people prefer this method while others prefer to know what they’re putting in their capsules themselves.

Benefits and Approval of Kava Root by the FDA

The Kava root extract has many different reported benefits however they are not medically documented or established. The United States Food and Drug Administration has approved many anti-anxiety agents that, is comparable to Kava in strength but once again no official approval has been set forth or established. Kava root extract can take anywhere from a few days upwards of six to eight weeks before it begins to become effective treatment for some people. The benefits of Kava are said to have a calming relaxing feeling much like you would get from prescription medications without the list of potentially dangerous side effects. For people suffering with anxiety Kava is showing promise in being a great natural alternative to coping with anxiety.

Potential Risks of Utilizing Kava for Anxiety

Reports of the risk of consuming the Kava root suggests there may be a connection between liver injury and, consumption. The research however is not definitive and does not have clear scientific proof. One of the only known risks to Kava is the possible interaction with other prescription medications or an allergic reaction. Research also suggests that Kava should be avoided as a mixture with alcoholic beverages.

Kava Could Be Just What You Need if You Suffer from Anxiety

Kava root may be just the thing you need to help get a grip on your anxiety. If you or someone you know suffers with anxiety then perhaps a suggestion of the all-natural Kava root extract would be helpful. When it comes to natural depression supplements and natural ways to relieve anxiety alternatives such as Kava are becoming more increasingly in demand. Just as many people are looking for natural alternatives to prescription pain relievers and treatments for depression, many are turning to natural plant extracts such as Kava to help reduce the effects and symptoms of anxiety disorders.

Natural is Becoming the Way of Today

For many years, natural was the way before chemical man made pharmaceuticals came into the picture. Today more knowledge is being shared surrounding natural alternatives to deadly and harmful pharmaceuticals than ever before and as the world looks to become healthier we look to the healthier aspects of our world such as using Kava for anxiety.