Anxiety Relief Techniques

Anxiety relief techniques can be a real lifesaver if you’re one of the many millions of individuals who live with anxiety. If you have excessive or persistent fear about day-to-day life and find yourself the victim of intense sudden feelings of terror or fear on a regular or reoccurring basis, then chances are you have anxiety. Anxiety is a medical condition that affects millions of people globally. The symptoms of anxiety range from dry mouth and not being able to remain calm or still to heart populations, shortness of breath, problems sleeping, fear, panic, uneasiness, and or cold sweaty hands or feet.

When anxiety hits it’s virtually uncontrollable. Generally, anxiety is treated through a combination of psychotherapy and medication. Through one or the other or sometimes both many people find relief from anxiety and depression. When it comes to anxiety and the many types of anxiety disorders the National Institute of Mental Health has a very informative website. This source has information on the treatment of, research surrounding, symptoms and signs of anxiety and anxiety disorders along with statistics and clinical trials.  Having some anxiety relief techniques on hand that helps you should you experience a panic attack or a rush of anxiety can help you when you need it most.

There are a handful of anxiety relief techniques used by millions of people that may work for you. It will take different techniques for different situations but know a handful of them and keep them in mind maybe just the thing you need. In order to help you with the process of knowing a couple of the most common techniques used to help treat anxiety, this list was put together. Check out these anxiety relief techniques that seem to work for many people.

Jogging- is not only great exercise but research is showing that it is helping to balance chemicals and hormones promoting relaxation. When experiencing intense anxiety jogging makes these symptoms much harder to come on when added to your lifestyle. Jogging is said to trigger a certain endorphin in the body that provides a euphoric high of its own. Many people that experience high levels of anxiety or stress find jogging to be extremely therapeutic when added to their daily regimen. When you can’t jog outside hitting the treadmill is the next best thing.

Keeping a journal is another great way to help anxiety. Sometimes by putting your rage to the page, you can better help understand your thoughts during a future moment of clarity. Many people report simply writing helps to get things off of their mind that would otherwise stay there all day creating stress and anxiety. Life is said to be much like a book. When you can go back and read the book of your life sometimes it helps you to formulate a picture of how you want that book to play out.  The formulation of that picture can help to add clarity and remove stress and anxiety from your daily life.

Distract the senses. Health professionals say stress relief is a muscle. The best way to strengthen this muscle is by distracting oneself from the anxiety and stress at hand. Stay busy when you’re having issues with anxiety. If you can focus on more pertinent things in life at the moment oftentimes anxiety will catch a cab. While distracting the senses is easier said than done it can be learned. Different strokes for different folks as it is said is the best thing to keep in mind when you’re looking for anxiety relief techniques that work for you.

Control your environment when possible. By controlling your environment this means having as many stress free activities and people in your life as possible. If you are somebody who is easily worked into an anxiety attack, having high energy friends could be the worst. No, you can’t control your environment everywhere, but when in the sanctuary of your home, you should be able to. When you learn to control your environment by going to stores and participating in activities that are low stress you will have a better grasp on your environment and more control on a very successful anxiety relief technique.

Have an anxiety disaster plan handy. When you know you live with anxiety and that a panic attack can come on at a moment’s notice having an effective anxiety disaster plan can prove to be a very successful anxiety relief technique. This plan should have several different options for multiple situations. Options such as someone to call, music to listen to, a stone or gem to hold in your hand or another trinket that makes you feel comfortable, soothing music or a television show may also help.

Millions of people around the world are finding out that smoking a joint is the quickest and most effective method when it comes to anxiety relief techniques that work for them. It is also much safer and effective than the medications prescribed for anxiety today.

A combination of preemptive thought in preventing anxiety attacks and knowing many different anxiety relief techniques can help someone suffering from the symptoms of anxiety or depression. A healthy lifestyle that is balanced with diet, exercise, and other methods of stress relief prove to be very effective. Meditation combined with soothing music and natural herbal remedies are great anxiety relief techniques that should be practiced daily by anyone suffering from this medical condition.